Monday, 15 November 2010

I'll Be Here!!

I'm going to be here, feeling all festive with some lovely gifts on offer for some last minute present ideas. It would be lovely if you would come and say "Hi"!! Its a great way to gift something not from the high street but direct from independent makers/designers. There's always a really nice friendly atmosphere (and a mince pie or two!) Ill show you some works in progress soon....

Turning over a new leaf!! (or just starting this out properly is more accurate)

Oh dear oh dear! My poor little blog. I had such good intentions only to fail before I had really begun. Fear not, I am, today, beginning again. Ive seen lots of lovely work lately that I really want to share. I'm also trying to get ready for the Angel Christmas Fair. So I will keep you up to date with progress checks etc. In the meantime I am offering some more photos of my wallpaper designs. Dont worry I *promise* I wont neglect this space anymore!

See you soon!

Monday, 28 June 2010

Fox Wallpaper

Finally have some photographs of my degree show exhibition. This is a length of wallpaper I designed that was inspired originally by taxidermy. Its a repeat that is hand painted with silkscreened detail over the top. Each fox is therefore different in markings and coloration. The scale of the design adds to the scariness, with each fox face measuring approx. 80cms from ear to chin.
More updates to come of degree show exhibition work and also work for New Designers exhibit.