Friday, 27 January 2012

pets on furniture

I just wanted to share these pictures I found on blog. Its a lovely interiors blog I lust after, particularly for the beautiful clean modern interiors it has (not like me at all!). But then they have a regular Monday slot for Pets on Furniture (where you, too, can send your pictures to them in hope they might include them) I couldn't resist sharing. They do warn though, that the pictures can't be JUST about the pet but have to have some furniture too...

 And, I am oh so jealous of this guy at the top right now!

You may have noticed a few feline friends creeping in there. I think it shows I'm not dog exclusive. But perhaps, might allude to what is in the pipelines? Hmmmmm...something to think about.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Ok, so anyone who knows me well will know this is a little theme tune of mine. I have no idea why (I must confess to never having seen even one of the Star Wars movies). But, well I'm still working along a dog theme at the moment. Oh and I feel I must also assure I'm not through and through dark and evil either (honest!)

I'm back from Top Drawer (without any train calamities!). It was an amazing show and great to be there with The Graduate Collection . There's some really exciting stuff in the pipeline (I'm one of those who never tells too soon for fear of jinx-ing things!). But I know they are appearing at Spring Fair in a couple of weeks (4th - 9th February) so please, if you're attending then say "Hi". They're at stand 6Q48

So, I'll be back soon, with, fingers crossed for me, definite confirmed good news that I can share! Yay!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

new year!

Happy New Year, everyone! 

It feels so weird to be in January already but exciting things are happening!

In a little over a weeks' time, The Graduate Collection will be exhibiting at Top Drawer, London and I'll be there with them. For more of the event details, go here. It'll be a lovely little exhibition to settle into Spring/Summer 2012 and it would be so nice to see you.